Test: which cat breed is the best for you?

After answering 15 questions you`ll receive a list with 1-5 breeds from felinologist (cat specialist).

Service cost $10

We are from Ukraine, so we transfer $2 from each test in favor of the Ukrainian army

Can’t choose a cat breed or want to check if the selected breed is right for you? Felinologist of the pet service Lapa.Shop, editor of the cat site Murkotiki Kate Yuhosh (World Cat Federation) has developed an author’s test for you. Other internet tests are automatic and imprecise. Our test is individual. Recommendations will be given by a specialist.

Author’s technique is based on 3 main factors

Test author, felinologist Kate Yuhosh:

Hey! I am a felinologist from Ukraine. I want to help you figure out which cat breed is right for you. Often people do not get much pleasure from communicating with pets because of wrong choice of breed. Don’t repeat their mistake! Before buying a pet take the test! Our test is not automatic: you won’t get a result right away. I will give you the answer after analyzing your preferences on email or Viber/WhatsApp within 3 days”.

What will you get from the test?

List with 1-5 breeds for you

Based on the results of the test, I`ll give you recommendations with 1-5 cat breeds.

Adviсe about choosing

If you indicate the desired breed in the test, I`ll make an assessment of how it suits you.

Сhecklist about buying a kitten

As a bonus, I`ll send you a checklist “33 mistakes when choosing a kitten”.

Step 1: answer the test questions

    What cat is the best for you?
    Calm introvertActive and intelligent companionLazy and kind

    What kind of cat hair do you like?

    What cat colors do you like?
    No preferenceDarkLightRedSpottedTabby

    What cat constitution is the best for you?

    What animal should your cat look like?
    LeopardPantherFoxLionTigerLynxCougarBearOwlTasmanian devilAn ordinary cat

    Activity level
    Very activeMedium activityLazy

    Intelligence level
    It does not matterI want a smart cat

    Character traits that are important to you
    Likes to be aloneBrave and communicativeCalm and kindGets along well with small childrenGets along well with dogs

    Conditions that you can offer your pet
    A small apartmentA large apartment or house with a large space for catA private house with aviary for the cat in the yard

    Your lifestyle
    I am constantly busy, there is no one at home oftenThere is always someone at home

    How do you want to spend time with your pet?
    Play games and trainingRelax and lie on the couch togetherWalk and travel together

    What are you not willing to accept?
    Abundant moltingExcessive talkativenessMischief and hyperactivityEmotional detachmentIf the cat constantly follows me and demands attention

    Is there a breeds that you like? Specify it so that we can separately analyze whether it suits you.

    Email. You must specify the same email as in the form of payment.

    Tel/Viber/WhatsApp (for sending the result)

    Step 2: pay $10 and wait for the result

    Click the button to go to the payment page. Payment is made over a secure connection, we don`t receive your data. Please, include the email address you provided in the test.