Lapa.shop marketplace rules for buyers

Animals are sold through the lapa.shop marketplace. The right to sell animals on the lapa.shop marketplace is granted only to officially registered breeders with clubs of international felinological or canine systems, as well as those who have passed the selection of the administration for compliance with quality criteria.


Registration of buyers on the site

The registration of the buyer on the site is carried out through authorization – by entering a username and password.


Communication with sellers

Communication with sellers is carried out either through a personal account on lapa.shop, where the entire history of correspondence is saved, or in person at a meeting. It is also possible to communicate by phone or via messengers after agreeing on this in personal correspondence on the lapa.shop website.


Animal prices

The final price for animals and goods is indicated by the sellers. The price can be indicated in two variations:

  • with the right to breed;
  • without the right to breed;
  • one price with the right to breed and without the right to breed



You can reserve your favorite animal by making a prepayment in agreement with the breeder. After that, this animal goes into the reserved status and you get the right to redeem it first. Usually the prepayment is 20-50% of the cost of the animal.

After booking, when the time comes, the buyer confirms or does not confirm the transaction. In case of confirmation, the animal goes into the category of purchased ones. If the buyer refuses the booked animal, it is put up for sale again.

If the deal is canceled on the initiative of the breeder, the prepayment is returned to the buyer in the amount of 100%. The seller has the right to withdraw the booked animal from sale only for a good reason (the animal suddenly fell ill, etc.). If the buyer himself refuses to book, although the conditions of purchase and the characteristics of the animal have not changed, the prepayment is not refundable.


Registration of purchase and sale of an animal

The buyer, wishing to purchase the animal he liked, clicks on the button “Add to cart” (“Buy”) on the page of the animal. The seller receives the application and must approve it. The seller has the right to cancel the transaction. The seller must notify the buyer of his refusal within 3 days after receiving the application.

If the seller approved the application, he informs the buyer about it – and he makes the payment. In the case of distance selling, an electronic duplicate is approved before signing the contract in paper form. The contract is considered accepted if the seller and the buyer have come to an agreement in personal correspondence and the buyer has made the payment. An electronic contract has the same effect as a paper version, being its full copy.

It is also possible to buy an animal in person and sign a paper version of the contract at the meeting. In this case, the money is either transferred through the marketplace, or given personally to the breeder.

The seller either uses the general template of the marketplace agreement, or uploads his own agreement to his personal account for review and signing by buyers. This seller’s agreement is not a public offer, i.e. the seller is not obliged to conclude it with anyone who wishes. Before signing, it is possible to amend the contract by agreement of the parties.


Settlement procedure

There are 3 options for settlements with customers.

Regular transaction: the buyer transfers the payment to the seller on the marketplace, the administration immediately sends money to the seller, after which the breeder sends the animal to the buyer.

Deal guarantor: the entire amount is transferred through the marketplace, is blocked at the time of the transaction, and after the buyer confirms the receipt of the animal, the money is transferred to the seller’s account. After payment, the amount received is displayed in the seller’s office, however, until the animal is received, it cannot be withdrawn to a personal account.

Transfer of money from hand to hand. This method is used when the buyer personally comes to pick up the animal, or when the breeder himself brings it to the buyer.

In any case, the animal is given to the buyer only on a 100% prepayment basis.


Transfer of the animal to the buyer

The seller sends the animal in a carrier: the carrier can be used several times if the buyer is ready to send it back, or it can be given to the buyer for an additional fee or as a gift (at the seller’s discretion).

The seller is obliged to send the animal within 3 days after payment by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

If a buyer books a kitten in advance and wants to pick it up at the age of over 3 months, then at the request of the breeder, he will have to pay for overexposure. But for kittens overexposed by the breeder until the age of 3 months and 2 weeks, money is not taken for overexposure.

On the day of shipment, the seller films the animal, showing in such a way that it is cheerful and everything is in order with it: he puts this video on the page of the animal. In the video, you also need to show the teeth and ears of the animal with an inverted shell, eyes, spread the hair from several places. If the buyer takes the animal in person, then he inspects the animal himself. There are several options for the delivery of an animal when buying through the lapa.shop marketplace. Personal inspection of the animal by the buyer. In this case, the breeder brings the animal to the buyer, or the buyer comes to the breeder, they sign the contract on the spot and give the money.

We also recommend that you draw up an acceptance and transfer form, so that in case of disputes there is a document confirming the fact of the transfer of the animal. Transfer of the animal through a courier of the seller’s choice (courier service, train conductor, bus driver, etc.). In this case, it is recommended to draw up an animal transfer and acceptance form.

The buyer, after presenting an identity document, must sign the form in two copies (one remains to the buyer, the second is sent back through the courier to the breeder). Ownership, according to the law, comes from the moment of transfer to the buyer in the hands. If the buyer did not receive the animal, then the contract is considered not fulfilled, and the ownership right has not come with a subsequent refund of the money to the buyer.

Transfer of the animal through a courier of the buyer’s choice, if he has the opportunity to provide his own courier. It is necessary to sign the form of acceptance and transfer of the animal by the breeder to the courier after checking the courier’s passport. Then the ownership comes at the time of the transfer of the animal to the courier and the seller is not responsible for further events.

The lapa.shop marketplace tries to protect both parties from fraud as much as possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact only trusted couriers that you trust. Refunds to the buyer and / or animal to the breeder Within 7 days after receiving the animal, the buyer has the right to make claims regarding its condition by filming a video and attaching a certificate from a veterinarian that the animal showed signs of ill health at the time of moving to a new home.

Claims are submitted via lapa.shop. In the claim, the buyer must either indicate that he sends it for the purpose of informing the administration of lapa.shop and does not demand the return of the animal and money for it, or that he requires a refund and / or the transfer of the animal back to the breeder. The claim goes to the seller and to arbitration. The seller has the right to immediately agree to a refund in exchange for the return of the animal, or not agree. In the second case, the claim will be considered by arbitration. The arbitration tribunal may recommend one way or another on the basis of the rules for the return of animals, developed by lapa.shop in cooperation with the breeders. The arbitration recommendation is sent to both the breeder and the purchaser. Further, this document can be used in court if the parties are unable to agree on the pre-trial settlement of the dispute. Marketplace rules apply if other conditions are not provided for by an individual agreement signed between the breeder and the buyer. If such an agreement is signed, then it is considered above the rules of the marketplace.

The complete rules of the marketplace regarding the return of animals are set out at https://lapa.shop/pravila-vozvrata-i-obmena-zhivotnyh.

After the deal All announcements about puppies and kittens that are withdrawn from sale after a transaction completed through the marketplace are archived, remaining in the site’s database for 1 year, so that in case of dispute, the information can be restored. The breeder and the buyer also have access to the archive. After the purchase, the customer gets the right to post a review about the seller: this review will be marked as “confirmed purchase”. Based on the reviews and the number of animals sold through the marketplace, the seller’s rating is formed in the system. Nurseries with a higher rating will enjoy more customer confidence.

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